“A few months ago my husband & I got a letter in the mail from his employer saying we had 60 days to move or he would be fired. We began to panic because we had no idea where to even begin. Christian was quickly recommended to us by a friend and he didn’t freak out when I first contacted him at 7 am with our situation; We had 60 days to find and close on a home or my husband would be without a job. Christian was amazing! He jumped right on it and assured us this would be no problem. He was right! Even with him going on a mission trip to Haiti right around the time we decided to make an offer he left us in Heather’s hands and we got it done! Heather was amazing! Even though she wasn’t our “realtor” I knew we had been left in good hands to get things done, she knew our situation, and was so easy to communicate with. We closed on our home almost 2 weeks before our deadline and we are SO in love with our house! We are so thankful to have him as our Realtor and would recommend him & Heather to anyone.”

– Samantha Goodwin

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