“As a trustee for an Illinois trust, I had a challenge where failure was not an option. I needed to find a group of investment properties that fit some very exacting criteria and a fixed budget a little over $1M for a 1031 exchange. Which means that I had extremely limited time to find those properties.

I presented the buyer’s criteria and total budget to approximately 6 realtors, including Christian. It was my hope that by doing so, I’d be able to tap into their pocket listings and their connections to investors to find properties before they were listed on the open market. Experience had shown me that good properties were often grabbed as fast as they were listed, and often for more than the asking price. I wanted to circumvent that obstacle.

Almost immediately, Christian brought me two properties that fit perfectly. Not without their individual challenges, but with Christian’s help and attention to detail, we easily dealt with those issues and we facilitated the purchase of those properties.

The last properties were more difficult and time was running out. Two other realtors showed me properties, but after careful scrutiny, they just didn’t fit the mandatory criteria. I asked Christian and the other realtors to dig deep into their contacts to find what I needed.

Christian was the only realtor to do that, and he negotiated a package purchase of 3 properties from another investor’s portfolio of properties. All 3 fit the criteria almost exactly. Once again, Christian helped with the many details to make the closings as smooth as possible and they all closed well within the deadline.

The final result was 5 properties purchased that all fit the criteria to an extremely high degree, and that squeaked in under budget by .002 of the target amount.

I cannot speak highly enough of Christian’s assistance. He’s the only one who really “got it” when I shared the criteria, budget and deadline with him. The properties he showed me were right on target. When there weren’t any more good properties on the market, he went out and dug them out of another investor’s portfolio. Every other realtor was given the same opportunities. But because of Christian’s insight, his responsiveness, his hard work and his attention to detail, every single property that was purchased for this trust was purchased through Christian.”

– Stuart

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