Home maintenance is important. It can extend the life of your home’s systems and appliances and keep your home is good working order for years to come. But it’s not always easy staying up to date on all the different tasks to be done. We’ve found a few home maintenance hacks to make your life a little easier. Keep in mind that taking care of your home will also be beneficial if you ever plan to sell.

Bathroom Hacks

  1. Use painter’s tape for caulking: Buy applying painter’s tape before you caulk, you can get straight and even lines every time. Make sure to clean the area first, let it dry, and apply the painter’s tape. Apply the caulk and remember to remove the tape while it’s still wet.
  2. Remove water spots from chrome with lemon: Remove those stubborn water spots by cutting a lemon and rubbing it in the desired areas.
  3. Apply car was to prevent toilet bowl stains: Put synthetic car wax on the walls of your toilet bowl to make it difficult for stains to stick. Recoat every six months or so.
  4. Clean you exhaust fan with canned air: Dust and dirt build up in your exhaust fan can make it less efficient. Use canned air to get it clean.
  5. Use vinegar to get rid of show head buildup: Fill up a bag with vinegar that’s big enough for your shower head to fit inside. Tie it around the shower head and let it sit for a while to remove crusty build up. You can also put vinegar soaked paper towels around faucets to remove hard water stains.

Kitchen Hacks

  1. Pull your refrigerator out: Give your refrigerator an inch of breathing room behind it. This will extend the life of the appliance and reduce your energy usage.
  2. Loosen microwave stains: Microwave white vinegar in a coffee cup for three minutes, then wipe down the inside surface with a damp cloth. If you don’t have white vinegar available, then fill a bowl with water and microwave it for 2-3 minutes. The steam will loosen any dried food particles for easy cleaning.
  3. Stop vent hood dust with oil: First wipe down the hood to clean it, then wipe it down with with cooking oil or mineral oil to make it dust repellant.
  4. Spray freezer walls with cooking spray: Prevent ice buildup in your freezer by spraying down areas with cooking spray. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it off. The residue that remains will stop ice buildup in its tracks.
  5. Microwave your kitchen sponge: cleaning your dishes, table, sink and counters with a dirty sponge can lead to buildup of germs and bacteria. Microwave a wet sponge for two minutes, then let it cool. Be sure that it is wet! A dry sponge in the microwave is a fire hazard.
  6. Sharpen your garbage disposal blades with ice and lemon: Run ice and lemon rinds in your disposal to sharpen the blades and make the disposal fresher.

Floors Hacks

  1. Place a boot tray at the door: Keep mud, snow, and dirt out of your home by having a spot where boots and shoes are left right at the door.
  2. Get an automated vacuum: if you have kids, pet’s hair, or just lots of dust and debris, you’ll need to vacuum daily. A vacuum robot can do the trick with ease. Some models even allow you to schedule cleaning sessions.
  3. Clean out grout lines with bleach gel: Use a bleach pen or toilet bleach gel to restore grout to its original color.
  4. Heal scratched with walnuts: Remove scratches from hard wood floors by rubbing walnuts on them. The soft nut and the oils will fill in the scratches.

Appliances Hacks

  1. Drain your hot water heater: Over time, your hot water heater will accumulate buildup including calcium, lime, and other minerals. It becomes hard and makes it difficult for the heating element to work efficiently. Drain your tank completely once or twice a year to cut down on buildup.
  2. Clean your oven regularly: Keeping your oven clean can help you avoid appliance repairs, helping it function more efficiently. Place baking soda, vinegar, and water in an oven proof bowl, bake on low heat, then wipe down all surfaces once it’s cool enough to touch.
  3. Descale your dishwasher with a vinegar cycle: Place a glass in your dishwasher’s top rack with two cups of vinegar, then run the dishwasher. This will deep clean it and remove residue.

Wall and Window Hacks

  1. Stop Baseboard hair and dust with dryer sheets: After cleaning baseboards, wipe them down with dryer sheets. The residue will resist hair and dust and it makes your house smell fresh.
  2. Wash windows on the inside first: Windows are usually cleaner on the inside, so get started there so you’re not bringing dirty cleaning supplies onto the inside where it’s already relatively clean.
  3. Use tongs and socks to clean blinds: Wrap socks around tongs to quickly clean blinds.

Air Quality Hacks

  1. Add air purifying plants: Bring air purifying plants into your home to absorb odors and chemicals. Peace lily plants, for example, absorb ammonia and formaldehyde. Other great plants for indoor air quality are English ivy, bamboo palm, dracaena, chrysanthemum, and ficus.
  2. Burn a beeswax Candle: Beeswax candles improve indoor air quality and remove toxins.


Pool Hacks

  1. Put a tennis ball in your pool: Swimmers in your pool can leave behind a messy oil slick with body oils and suntan lotions. Throw a tennis ball in your pool and it will soak up the oils.
  2. Plant lemongrass to banish bugs: Discourage mosquitoes near your pool by planting lemongrass nearby. The plant’s citronella oil will keep them away.
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